[WEB4LIB] The Future

Michael McCulley drweb at san.rr.com
Wed Jul 28 21:24:37 EDT 2004

Just a few short notes, on top of the good links here so far..

1) Browsers Become Applications
2) RFID or other tracking technologies become more common
3) Information "Commons" come to all types of libraries (portals anyone?)
4) Integrated Library Systems become more like the "Internet/WWW" (XML et.
5) Live Reference continues growth and integration as a "basic" service of
6) Library Web sites becomes more "bricks and clicks" portals (serving both
Online and in-house clients)
7) M&M introduces a mauve color *and* flavor
8) Al Gore is knighted for inventing the Internet

But, I digress..

Of course, is it Dennis Miller or Mark Twain that says, "I could be
wrong..." ?


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>Hello everyone,
>The collective wisdom of this group is needed! For the first time in
>many years we are working on our Master Plan. Naturally, one component
>of that plan is Technology and I've been asked to use a 
>crystal ball and
>look ahead for the next 5 years. Right now we're short staffed and I'm
>having trouble keeping up with today, let alone anticipating what's
>coming in the next 5 years. That's probably true for many of us. :-) 
>At any rate, if some of you who are on the cutting edge or have a clear
>crystal ball are willing to share some insights I'd very much 
>it. What do you think is coming in technology in general and
>specifically in library technology. We've already got wireless on our
>radar--and have implemented in 2 branches so far--and are considering
>RFID. You can reply to the list or to me personally and I'll summarize
>the answers for the list. 
>Thanks in advance,
>Gair Helfrich
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