Feedback on css webpage sought

Dominique Collins domola1 at
Thu Jul 15 02:42:42 EDT 2004

I am new to CSS for layout and want to design a
non-table layout library website.  These 3 test pages
are what I have come up with (with help from various
useful css websites for the code).  It is very much a
'work in progress'.

I would like feedback (please don't be too brutal) on
how it looks to other people.  Are there any glaring
glitches?  Can anyone suggest any improvements?  I
know it looks a bit funny in Netscape 4.

If something does look odd, could you please send me a
screen dump, if poss?  If you have a reason why, that
would be even better.

Many thanks to you all

Dominique Collins
The Ronald Lowe Library
Melbourne, Australia

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