[WEB4LIB] Looking for a simple text-based freeware Windows HTML Editor

Edward Spodick lbspodic at ust.hk
Tue Jul 13 00:37:56 EDT 2004

Thanks for the suggestion Stewart.  UltraEdit looks quite good.  Sadly, our budget won't allow us to purchase about 30 copies of it.  Except in the subject line, I forgot to mention a desire for freeware if possible.  :(


At 11:03 PM -0500 12/7/2004, Stewart Fritz wrote:
>I'm a Mac guy at home but I have to use Win2K at work. A programmer friend of mine turned me on to UltraEdit, and I've found it to be the darn near closest thing to BBEdit on the PC:
>I'm pretty sure it has all, or almost all of the features you want. It's a clean, uncluttered interface although NOTHING is as nice as BBEdit. :) It has built-in coloring and FTP support, and it has really powerful search and replace features that are nearly as easy to use as BBEdit's.

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