Looking for a simple text-based freeware Windows HTML Editor

Edward Spodick lbspodic at ust.hk
Mon Jul 12 23:44:19 EDT 2004

I am seeking recommendations for a simple text-based HTML editor to recommend for those of our staff who create web pages.  I use BBedit on a Mac, but the others all use Windows.

There are dozens of such programs, so i am asking for recommendations.  
Things I would like in it include:
    -text-based interface
    -html syntax coloring (and highlighting of errors?)
    -built-in ftp client to avoid the download-edit-upload cycle 
        (they will be working in a development area)
    -Unicode (UTF-8) compliance as they will be working with both English 
    	and Chinese
    -search and replace
    -able to have multiple files open simultaneously

Other things which would be nice, but are not critical:
    -built-in link checker
    -spell checker (for the English parts)
    -html tidy integration and/or html validation/checking
    -a kitchen sink or two  :)

If any of you have such a tool you use and love, could you kindly drop me a note?  I will summarize for the list.


Edward F Spodick, Information Technology Manager
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library
lbspodic at ust.hk  tel:852-2358-6743 fax:852-2358-1043

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