Cites & Insights 4:10 available, temporary site

Walt_Crawford at Walt_Crawford at
Fri Jul 23 18:30:55 EDT 2004

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 4:10 (August 2004) is now available for

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the issue is temporarily available

It will be added to the permanent site as soon as possible (but will
continue to be available at the temporary site).

The 24-page issue, PDF as always, includes:

*Perspective: The Reading Disaster (or Not)

*Bibs & Blather

*The Censorware Chronicles -- COPA and more

*Perspective: ALA Conference Comments

*Feedback Special: Following Up on Ebooks
(six good reasons to make people read etext, and more)

*Trends & Quick Takes

*PC Progress, January-July 2004 (which, barring the right feedback, may be
the final PC Progress)

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