[WEB4LIB] homepage highlights WAS RE: Feedback on css webpage sought

Elena OMalley Elena_OMalley at emerson.edu
Fri Jul 16 11:34:55 EDT 2004

Alnisa Allgood wrote:
> Navigation is always an issue. I admit to pointing to the UCSF's 
> library http://www.library.ucsf.edu as a library that I like, but 
> also a great frustration. The have great service groupings. I always 
> consider them 8 primary services offered at most academic libraries, 
> displayed on 4 tabs, and the wording is succinct. Of course I hate 
> that the repeat the navigation in the central body, as well as in 
> pop-up menus. The repetition of the same items three times on the 
> front page is just overkill. I think nice succinct nav menus, with 
> pop-up menus that let's the user see what's in the section without 
> clicking through, is more than sufficient.

Well, perhaps it should be sufficient. Unfortunately, usability
studies can show that it's not. I don't hate it at all in the example
above because I think the tab wording could be opaque to some users,
and letting them see what's behind the curtain without expecting them
to move their mouse over the categories is great. Everyone's mileage 
is going to vary on this one.

Elena O'Malley, Head of Library Computer and Internet Services
Emerson College Library, Boston, MA 02116

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