[WEB4LIB] Re: Browser related question

Thomas Dowling tdowling at ohiolink.edu
Fri Jul 16 09:59:25 EDT 2004

Drew, Bill wrote:

> I am not talking about the ones that can be escaped.  I realize now I was
>wrong about that.  Some of those I can change and some I can't because of
>the files called up.  I will work on that when I get time.
>Does this mean I will not get any input from people on my question until I
>make my web opac pages verify completely?

I think you've already gotten some good input.  You're asking people to 
look at a pretty complicated design, and it is very hard to step into 
someone else's project and understand what the issues are.  From your 
posts, the remaining question, as I read it, is "The only peculiarity is 
when I display fullscreen in Mozilla, one div goes all the way to the 
right and the rest go to the left. That does not happen in Opera or IE 
[correction: it does the same thing in Mozilla and Opera]. Any 
suggestions there?" 

The only DIV I see floating out to the right starts with:

  <div id="tools"
  float: right;...

So one suggestion is not to float it out to the right; another might be 
to set a width, max-width, or both on the parent element (<div 

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