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george at library.caltech.edu george at library.caltech.edu
Fri Jul 30 12:27:51 EDT 2004

I think some of the major near term trends are:

* documenting free &/or Open Access journals in the catalog

* documenting aggregator journal coverage in the catalog

* cataloging free online books (UC Press, National Academy Press, Baen,

* implementing OpenURL linking services to leverage access to the free
and fee journals through A&I databases

I think much of the initial momentum in these areas has been in the
academic sphere, but I see tremendous added value in taking this to the
public/school library realm.  By no means think that
university/college/community colleges have come anywhere close to
finishing the implementation. 

The first three items are primarily staff resources, not even major
technology purchases.  OpenURL linking services offer a huge payoff on
the investment of time and money.

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