[WEB4LIB] Re: The Future

Gimon, Charles A CAGimon at mplib.org
Thu Jul 29 16:44:29 EDT 2004

My web work at home is done in a Gnome/Linux environment. Four separate
desktops available by clicking buttons in the taskbar, effectively
quadrupling the desktop real estate. Feature has been available for years
and years in the various Linux or Sun environments (KDE, CDE, etc.) that
I've worked in. Who needs multiple monitors?

What this broader issue says to me about web use is that with larger viewing
environments, particularly "theater" screens with extra-wide aspect ratios,
people seem somewhat less likely to maximize their browser window to known
dimensions (800x600, 1024x768, 640x480), and more likely to size the browser
window to their comfort zone within a much larger display.

--Charles Gimon
  Web Coordinator
  Minneapolis Public Library

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