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Do you know of an organization that provides effective public access to
computers? Do you want to share with others the success of a public access
program and how it affects local communities? Did your library -- or another
you know of -- embark on a technology planning process, and then pull it off
with great success? If you answered yes to any of the above, the WebJunction
Community wants to hear from you! 

WebJunction is an online community for library staff "where minds meet" to
share ideas, solve problems, take online courses -- and have fun. In our
second year, we continue our awards program to highlight the extraordinary
work of our libraries in the United States, Tribal and First Nations, and
Canada that are committed to providing public access to technology and
information in their communities. Winners are announced quarterly in one of
four categories: technology planning, innovative content and uses of
technology, building digital opportunities through community engagement, and
sustainability. The deadline for entries or nominations for the Technology
Planning category is August 13. Libraries will be judged in categories of
similar organizations, based on the number of individuals served annually,
so that contestants are awarded in light of their peer organizations.

For more detailed information on how to recognize all of our successes in
Technology Planning with a WebJunction Award, visit http://webjunction.org
and select Community Center > Awards or send an email to
awards at webjunction.org. 

Joe Anderson
Editor, WebJunction.org
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