[WEB4LIB] Re: Web Computer Lockdown

Chris Murphy chrism at thecommunitylibrary.org
Thu Jul 29 10:58:46 EDT 2004


Correct me if I'm guessing incorrectly, but if you need to prohibit 
users from accessing the web through the Explorer menu's View>Go To>Home 
Page or Help dialogues, the ManageIE utility from TeamSoftware Solutions 
(http://www.teamsoftwaresolutions.com) works very well, especially when 
using PWB.

If you are reluctant to use PWB as a shell because you need to fire up 
applications, perhaps using one of the constructs to start apps from a 
web link might work. I've seen suggestions for using Javascript, Windows 
Scripting Host, etc. I personally use the golden oldie, W3Launch. I have 
several implementations around the library in which PWB runs as the 
shell and I use hyperlinks to access applications ranging from MS Office 
to multimedia DVDs.

Perhaps using a third party shell to replace Explorer.exe might work. I 
have not tried this approach, but an alternate shell might give you the 
options you need. Explorer.exe is kind of a bear to manage in a public 
library setting.


Chris Murphy

Christopher Murphy
Information Systems Manager
The Community Library, Ketchum, Idaho

Andrew Mutch wrote:
> Jim,
> Thanks for the suggestion. This set up is using Public Web Browser, which
> we use on all of our Internet computers. But the elements I need to make
> are in the Control Panel windows and I can't control those with PWB. But
> PWB does help make it a lot easier to lock down the system by denying
> access to a lot of elements that patrons don't need to use.
> Andrew Mutch
> Library Systems Technician
> Waterford Township Public Library
> Waterford, MI
> Jim Rible wrote:
>>I use Group Policies AND Publc Web Browser from
>>http://teamsoftware.bizland.com/ because I couldn't find a way to
>>lock down IE to our library's particular satisfaction. You just alter
>>one INI file with 'trues" or "falses" and at $100 a year it is a
>>Jim Rible, Systems Librarian
>>Hannon Library
>>Southern Oregon University
>>Ashland, Oregon 97520
>>rible at sou.edu
>>>>>"Andrew I. Mutch" <amutch at waterford.lib.mi.us> 7/28/2004 9:37:45 AM
>>I've finally gotten around to using Group Policy to replacing our 3rd
>>party security in Windows 2000. I'm currently configuring a computer
>>Internet access relying strictly on a local GP to control and secure
>>Windows Interface. We need access to a couple of programs so I haven't
>>gone the route of running the browser as the shell.
>>There's a couple small items that I can't seem to find lockdowns to
>>address in Win2K. We allow access to our printers control panel so
>>you open that up, you can access the View and Help menus. These
>>routes to various kinds of potential mischief. I'm looking for a
>>that does one of the following:
>>1) Removes/disables the menu bar completely.
>>2) Removes/disable access to the View and Help menus in Explorer
>>3) Disables functionality of items in the View and Help menu to
>>effectively render them harmless.
>>I've seen some solutions that involve using ResHacker but I was hoping
>>didn't have to go there yet.
>>Thank you,
>>Andrew Mutch
>>Library Systems Technician
>>Waterford Township Public Library
>>Waterford, MI

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