Plea for cooperation

Roy Tennant roy.tennant at
Thu Jul 29 10:06:19 EDT 2004

Web4Lib Subscribers,
Although the Web4Lib Advisory Board 
<> and I take a 
rather generous view of what messages are "on topic" for this list, we 
nonetheless insist that messages have SOMETHING to do with web systems 
in libraries. However, for some reason lately (the lazy days of 
summer?) we have had a spate of messages posted that have NOTHING to do 
with web systems in libraries. To retain some kind of grip on the scope 
of this discussion we are prepared to go as far as the removal of those 
subscribers from the list who repeatedly violate this policy. Since 
most of those who violate the policy tend to do it only once, our only 
recourse is to plead with everyone to abide by this policy. Although 
you may have a burning desire to have a question answered, and Web4Lib 
seems like a handy forum for answering your question, please think 
carefully about the subject matter of your message and the most 
appropriate list for posting such a message. In many cases the most 
appropriate list will not be Web4Lib, but one of the many other 
library-related lists you can find at <>. 
Thank you, as always, for your cooperation.
Roy "short on patience" Tennant
Web4Lib Owner

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