Validation and web opacs

Drew, Bill drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
Thu Jul 22 13:34:25 EDT 2004

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and suggestions in my efforts
to have our web opac validate against W3C HTML4.01  and CSS validation
I have gotten them to do so for the initial search pages and have gotten as
far as I can with other pages in our web opac.  I discovered much of the
dynamic links created are done via COBOL programs in the background and can
not be recoded by me.

I am now working on getting our web opac to meet  508 section 1194.22
standards.  Are others doing this as well?  I am using the newest version of
Firefox with its extension for web page testing.

A side note, I did get the web opac search pages to display in Mozilla,
Opera, IE, and now Firefox the way I wanted it to.  There are minor
differences but not important ones. IE displays the web page to the left
while the others center it.  I do not understand that difference.

The web opac is at:

Wilfred (Bill) Drew
Associate Librarian, Systems and Reference
Morrisville State College Library
E-mail: mailto:drewwe at
AOL Instant Messenger:BillDrew4
Wireless Librarian:

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