[WEB4LIB] Re: Browser related question

Drew, Bill drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
Tue Jul 20 08:41:05 EDT 2004

 Actually I can not get the search results page of our web opac to validate,
only the initial search pages.
There are several links in the results that are created on the fly by the
ALEPH system that I can not change because they are not in files I can edit.
As Lars noted, I have gotten the pages with search forms to validate.

Bill Drew
drewwe at morrisville.edu

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On July 15, Bill Drew wrote:
> Don't take me the wrong way but it will never validate completely because
> the various functions in it required for the webopac to work.
> This includes entities that are necessary for various commands to work.

I don't think that excuse would be even theoretically possible.  I see
now (July 19) that the page (http://oswlib.library.oswego.edu:4600/F)
has a clickable "W3C HTML 4.01" logo at the bottom and the only
remaining complaint is that an "<img>" tag lacks an "alt=" attribute.

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