[WEB4LIB] bloglines and mozilla

Fiona Bradley fiona.bradley at sbs.com.au
Fri Jul 16 00:43:13 EDT 2004

Hi Vicki,

I'm having problems with Bloglines too. When I click on a feed, the
header information for the feed shows up in the right pane, but the feed
articles do not load. Very frustrating, as I have to now browse each
individual website to read the feeds, the way I used to before

I suspect it may be due to my IT department's set up. I am using IE6 on
NT4 with Finjan Gate Firewalls.

So, I don't have a solution to your problem, but it appears that the
new Bloglines isn't working for a few of us at least.


>>> Vicki Falkland <rch.library at rch.org.au> 15/07/2004 15:46:33 >>>
hi folks,

i've set up a test machine for students to read RSS items through
bloglines.com, using mozilla 1.6.

bloglines have recently done a redesign, and now all the links open a
blank tab instead of displaying the information in the right-hand pane.
"folder" links display just fine, and show the contents as expected,
any individual links open a blank tab.

bloglines support suggest turning off any extensions. i have the tab
extension installed and want to keep it that way. i like them
foot>. they also suggested upgrading, so i did, to 1.7.1, but it still
i used Internet Explorer <shudder> to put everything into folders,
at least those links work (and the "create new folder" option didn't
in Mozilla either).

does anyone know if there might be some rogue setting in mozilla or
that is affecting this (even though i changed nothing after the
and it did work satisfactorily before)?


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