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Jim Brucker jimb at northwestern.edu
Fri Jul 2 11:24:40 EDT 2004

Ah, that's a good point (the prerelease browser).  I'll bet that's what it 
was.  I don't really have any more details about this because at the time 
(6-8 months ago) I just put that media tag in there and everything worked, 
so I didn't investigate it any further.  So now I'm just putting a feeler 
out to see if this was/is a known issue.  The "prerelease" idea sounds 
good.  And yes, if you intend your document to be printed it would be best 
to apply a "print" style as well.  Thanks!

At 10:15 AM 7/2/2004, Thomas Dowling wrote:
>Jim Brucker wrote:
> >You might also want to define your media in that link tag.  This usually
> >isn't needed unless you're working with an alternative media, such as
> >"print", but I found that some non-IE browsers were getting a little funny
> >when I didn't explicitly define the media as this: media="screen".  This
> >might seem redundant, but it is also a good habit and will validate.  Has
> >anyone else had this issue, having to include a media attribute for screen
> >displays?
> >-Jim
>Do you have details on this?  The non-IE browsers I work with have no
>such problems, so I wonder if this is a holdover from prerelease
>versions of whatever browser you've seen this in.
>Of course, if you specify media="screen", don't be surprised when your
>styles aren't applied to print output.  And in Opera's kiosk mode,
>too--it switches to media="projection" when you hit F11.
>BTW, does anyone know of any Palm or Pocket PC browser that observes
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