FBI is bugging libraries

Michael Sauers msauers at bcr.org
Tue Nov 5 12:16:11 EST 2002


The FBI Has Bugged Our Public Libraries
"Yes. I have uncovered information that persuades me that the Federal Bureau
of Investigation has bugged the computers at the Hartford Public Library.
And it's probable that other libraries around the state have also been
bugged. It's an effort by the FBI to obtain leads that it believes may lead
them to terrorists... "I can't disclose that we were presented with
anything," said Louise Blalock, Hartford's head librarian. I asked Mary W.
Billings, the library's technical services manager, if the FBI had given her
a subpoena or a court order for library information. Her response: "I cannot
answer that question." She did confirm that in recent months the FBI made
two separate visits to the Hartford Library, and there were discussions
about "computer-related information." On one visit, an agent asked to speak
to the library staff - a request that was turned down."

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