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Karen Harker Karen.Harker at UTSouthwestern.edu
Fri Nov 15 13:30:32 EST 2002

I agree that there may be both advantages & disadvantages for
affiliation with a vendor.  Even now, ScienceDirect (Elsevier's portal)
still isn't OpenURL enabled, so there is no linking to full-text outside
of Elsevier products.  Furthermore, there is the obvious danger of
getting all your content from one source.  
I think these (and probably many others) need to be weighed in light of
your own clients' needs (our clients use Elsevier products heavily) and
any constraints faced by your library.
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>>> Jim Campbell <campbell at virginia.edu> 11/15/02 12:16:12 PM >>>
The September 15 issue of Library Journal has an excellent article by
Jackson on "The Advent of Portals" which spends some time discussing
cross-database searching and has a useful list of vendors. In our
here I've been impressed by MuseGlobal, by Fretwell-Downing, and by
what I've
seen of the new Sirsi product to be released early next year, as well
as by
EnCompass and the ExLibris Metalib.

I'm a little suspicious of claims that affiliation with a given data
vendor make
a product such as EnCompass more desirable. I'd be afraid they'd give
in to the
temptation to give an advantage to that vendor's products, or that we'd
see in
this new area what we've already seen in the competition among the
vendors, a refusal by one vendor to let their data play well with
someone else's

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