Peter's Digital Reference Shelf - November 2002

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Peter's Digital Reference Shelf - November 2002

The November 2002 edition of Peter's Digital Ready Reference Shelf is now
available on the Gale Group website. Peter Jacso is the most recent
inductee to the Internet Librarian Hall of Fame
( and this month he reviews:

[1]  jake - the free and nifty tool to very efficiently (though roughly)
evaluate the abstracting and indexing and full-text coverage of journals
by hundreds of databases, and

[2] Ulrich's - the new CD-ROM edition which, despite improvements, is
still dreadfully incomplete. Its information about the coverage of
journals by abstracting/indexing databases is painfully inadequate
compared to what jake offers.

These in-depth reviews are illustrated with dozens of screenshots and
provide a multi-linked virtual walk-through of the databases. They are
written by Peter Jacso, the 1998 recipient of the Louis Shores - Oryx
Press Award of the Reference and User Services Association for his
discerning database reviews. His column is available free of charge to all
users at:

See the Archives for databases previously reviewed:

	Annual Reviews, Inc.
	OCLC WorldCat
	DOE Energy Citations Database
        Subway Navigator
	How Stuff Works
	Search Engine Showdown
	AP Multimedia Archive
	Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk
	Oxford Reference Online
        Merriam-Webster Third International Unabridged Dictionary
        McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
        Britannica Concise
	Word Reference Desk
	NBC Olympics
        Bloomsbury Research Center
        The Top 10 of Everything
        Ulrich's International Periodicals
        Cultural Profiles Project
	Columbia World of Quotations
	Yahoo! Reference
	Atomica 2.1
        Penguin New English Dictionary
        ADAM Medical Encyclopedia
        Comparative Religions on File
        Canadian Encyclopedia Online
        Awesome Library
        Librarian's Index to the Internet
        Webster's Third New International Unabridged Dictionary
        Sports Rules on File
        Nolo Law Dictionary
        Nolo Legal Encyclopedia
        CIA World Factbook 2000
        GuruNet reference suite
        InteliHealth version of the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
        Columbia Dictionary of Quotations
        Nobel Prize List
        Zagat Survey
        Encyclopaedia of the Orient
        Bowker's Complete Video Directory
        Simpson's Contemporary Quotations
        Online Columbia Encyclopedia 2000 (6th edition)
        Cambridge Dictionary of American English
        Choice Reviews Online.
        Oxford English Dictionary Online.
        New Millennium Encyclopedia on CD-ROM
        Funk & Wagnalls Knowledge Center
        Biography Resource Center
        Biographical Dictionary
        Barnes & Noble
        Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000 (CD-ROM)
        Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000 (CD-ROM)
        Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 2000 (CD-ROM)
        American Heritage Dictionary Deluxe
        Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
        WWWebster Dictionary
        Encarta World English Dictionary
        Encarta Africana 2000
        Grolier Multimedia Online Encyclopedia version 2
        Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
        Encarta Interactive World Atlas 2000

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