[WEB4LIB] Standards for Web Page Submission

Karen G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Tue Nov 26 15:16:27 EST 2002

Hand in hand with policy would go procedure, and the resources to
support it.  I'm not surprised staff members generate abysmally bad
HTML, or that students would do so as well. The hard part is identifying
how to fix the problem.  

But if you start with communication... perhaps pointing out why pages
need to be maintained, what's involved in maintaining them, and how much
overhead it entails? Crunch some numbers and demonstrate that you would
have to clone your assistant three times over to fix and maintain their

It sounds to me as if your institution needs someone who can do the
clean-up for these pages and impose some consistency and control.  These
are budget-strapped times, but can you make that point to the
departments saddling you with their messy ol' pages?  Something to the
effect that every page they create incurs editorial and maintenance

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