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Karen Harker Karen.Harker at UTSouthwestern.edu
Mon Nov 25 14:38:21 EST 2002

If the sole purpose of most of these tables is to provide a controlled
list of for selection purposes, I suggest you not try to relate all the
tables, but rather simply save the values in the main form. 
For instance, you have a table of options for, say, instruction
locations (Locations). In Locations table, you have column called
"room".  You want these rooms to appear in a drop-down box in a master
form called "Sessions". In the Sessions table, you have a column called
"location". In your Sessions form, you can create a combo-box that
queries the room column of Locations table and stores the value (of the
room, NOT the ID column of Locations) in "location" column of Sessions
This is different than how you may already have it set up where you
save the value of the ID columns from your tables and then use inner
joins to relate all the tables together.  Unless you have a particular
need for this (i.e. the values of these tables change often and the most
up-to-date value must appear, even in old rows), this is unnecessary and
Our "Classes" system is set up like this:
Courses table
related to 
Classes table
related to 
Clients table

Instructors table (name column fills the drop-down box in Classes
table) = Our instructors don't change very often, and even when they do,
there is no reason to go back and change the instructors for old
I hope this makes sense and helps you out a bit.
Karen R. Harker, MLS
UT Southwestern Medical Library
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX  75390-9049

>>> Mary Beth Faccioli <mbfaccioli at yahoo.com> 11/25/02 1:20:37 PM >>>
Hi all,
I am developing a database driven web application
using ASP/IIS/Access where users (librarians) will be
inputting data (about instruction sessions) from a
form.  The database has several tables that populate
drop-down boxes on this form.  For example, there is a
table that lists different university departments and
is connected to the main table via a DeptID field. 

I am trying to use sql INSERT INTO in the form
processing but am having trouble figuring this out
because there are 5 tables to be joined when the user
submits the form.  Are there any good online resources
that would deal with this – I have seen some basic
things but nothing that deals with pulling together
this many tables.  I know this has to go on all the
time with database driven applications.  Can anyone

Thanks in advance,

Mary Beth Faccioli
Web Specialist
Georgia State University Pullen Library
100 Decatur Street SE
Atlanta, GA 30303
mbfaccioli at yahoo.com 

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