[WEB4LIB] Re: What's next after HTML?

Thomas Dowling tdowling at ohiolink.edu
Wed Nov 20 11:57:38 EST 2002

At 10:46 AM 11/20/2002, Nancy Sosna Bohm wrote:
>I have given up using all but the most simple CSS on our site (link colors
>and body font-family are okay), because the school policy is to support
>Netscape 4.x on Macs, but the bulk of the student body and faculty are using
>IE on PC's.

The typical workaround for this is to put minimial, NS4-friendly style 
rules in one stylesheet, and create a second stylesheet for browsers whose 
CSS implementations are less hopeless.  Then call the second sheet from the 
first with an @import directive.  Alternatively, hide the second set of 
style rules inside a media-specific directive that specifies something 
other than just screen or all (IIRC).  Something like "@media screen, 
print, projection {...}".

Supporting Netscape 4 does not necessarily require a contortionist act to 
make the site look exactly the same on NS4 as on up to date browsers.

Thomas Dowling
OhioLINK - Ohio Library and Information Network
tdowling at ohiolink.edu

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