printing problems

Vicky Moss vmoss at
Tue Nov 19 17:18:54 EST 2002


Our library has also been having the log jam at our printers since we 
upgraded to Netscape 6.2.
(The staff is now threatening the IT over this issue).  We have played 
with drivers, and service packs to no avail, then saw the message about 
this issue.

My main question is this:  Is it possible that we would experience this 
same problem with Netscape 7.0?  Or is this yet another anomaly to 
Netscape 6.2?  Most of our staff machines are already upgraded to 
Netscape 7.0, but they are not power printers like the patrons.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


V Moss
Computer Services
Fort Smith Public Library
(479) 783-0229

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