[WEB4LIB] cross-database search

Karen Harker Karen.Harker at UTSouthwestern.edu
Thu Nov 14 17:43:47 EST 2002

Both ENCompass and SFX are such products.  We have purchased ENCompass. 
We have not yet implemented it, but we believe it will become a
significant player in our Web site for our clients. It uses XML and
Z39.50 to communicate between resources. Encompass has an advantage of
being owned by Elsevier, so that these resources are becoming easier to
Warning, these are not cheap products and they require commitment from
the Library, given their heavy overhead.  
There are less heavyweights in this arena, but I'm sure others can fill
you on these.  Furthermore, you can piece together your own
cross-resource interface, at least with Z39.50-compatable resources. 
But these may not be as slick and may require even greater staff
commitment than Encompass.
Karen R. Harker, MLS
UT Southwestern Medical Library
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX  75390-9049

>>> Nancy Sosna Bohm <plum at ulink.net> 11/14/02 4:27:55 PM >>>
I thought there was a discussion on this list about a product that
search multiple databases. I can't find anything like that in the
Does anyone have any info on such a product?
Several years ago UMI/Proquest/Electric Library marketed a product 
would at least allow users to do a simultaneous subject search in
Proquest's database, the library's catalog, and the Internet.
I can't even seem to come up with the right key terms to research
Any suggestions? Or am I dreaming?

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