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Fri Nov 8 11:32:01 EST 2002

  I recently tried to make a minor change to my registration of A pretty minor change, seems to have become a
great big deal for me. When I first registered the domain,
it was delegated to They went out of business and their
assets became the property of Verisign. As far as I can tell
is the proper delegee of So far so good.

 I sent in a template to at and received a quick
response telling me that I hadn't filled out the template completely,
which was true, and that the secondary servers I had filled in weren't
authoriatiative, which was false.

 When I talked to one of my secondaries, or more properly the human
being managing the ISP that maintains the DNS server that acts as one
of my secondary servers, he said (paraphrasing) that they were full of
baloney. Not only were all my secondaries authoriatative for me but
even though the and servers clearly had the
delegation, their servers were not claiming authority for the as they should.

 Is the, or perhaps I should say where xx is the
state, going to stay around for a while. Even when I first registered,
there were critics pointing out that a commercial company was most
likely to encourage institutions to register as an org, instead of
promoting a permanet domain available for ree. What is the current
state of though on this? What recourse/actions can I take to
straigthen out a problem if I can't work it out with neustar?
Shouldn't a domain scheme, like the .us be managed say by the
government or at least, if contracted out, require promotion of the
"technically correct" domain by the eligible institutions?

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