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Dan Lester dan at riverofdata.com
Thu Jun 27 16:35:01 EDT 2002

Thursday, June 27, 2002, 10:08:12 AM, you wrote:

JK> Good question. 13 versions of NJC from 2001 are archived at the Wayback Machine [www.waybackmachine.org], and probably earlier editions at the earlier URLs. But I don't know if relying on the
JK> Wayback Machine is an accepted archiving practice. For one thing, it's beyond your control; for another thing, many filter products block the Wayback Machine. 

If you're thinking of archiving for the world, the WM is as good as
anything I know of. If you're thinking of archiving for personal or
institutional use, then dump it all to CDROM and/or paper.  Naturally,
if you do to CDROM you may want to recopy it to another format in five
or ten years....


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