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Euan Morton euan.morton at xrxgsn.com
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We are running O'Reilly's Website on NT and, like you, have been pleased
with it. It is now owned by Deerfield and the latest release is

Of course, having said that we are looking at moving to Websphere and Apache
later this year. ;-)


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> As a shop that runs both IIS/Win2K, as well as a Solaris box with web
> server for our web catalog, we've equal numbers of attacks and about
> equal security problems with each of them.  Whatever you run, you're
> going to have problems.
> You also have to continue in this semi-flame war about who made what
> bad decisions, that many organizations are completely MS Networking
> and operations.  In addition, you have numbers of commercial products
> that run on MS SQL Server on Win2K/IIS boxes.  We're running TDNet and
> ILLiad that both meet that criterion.  So we're running the IIS/Win2K
> on three boxes (library, tdnet, and illiad, all .boisestate.edu)  We
> loved running the O'Reilly WebSite until they finally gave up on that
> fine product.
> cheers
> dan
> Tuesday, June 4, 2002, 10:21:51 AM, you wrote:
> PV> Although I'd like to use Solaris, I don't know anything about it. As
> PV> it currently stands, it would be a waste to drop our existing
> PV> investment into Windows to make the switchover.
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