[WEB4LIB] RE: WebSPIRS 5 bug alert

Randy Souther southerr at usfca.edu
Thu Jun 13 20:29:37 EDT 2002

It's not just an IE-only shop, it's an IE-Windows only shop. WebSPIRS 4 and
5 will not function properly on *any* browser, Netscape, IE, Mozilla, etc.,
on Mac OS X. On Mac OS 9 and earlier, WebSPIRS functions properly only on
Netscape 4x. We've been complaining since version 4 came out. The response
has been generally snide and dismissive. They actually said it would take
them too much time to make WebSPIRS function on the Mac.

One hopes that Ovid's acquistion of Silverplatter means WebSPIRS is going to
die a well-deserved death.

Meanwhile, our transfer of databases from Silverplatter to other vendors
continues apace.

Randy Souther
University of San Francisco

On 6/13/02 4:52 PM, "Stacy Pober" <stacy.pober at manhattan.edu> wrote:

> A technical rep from the library consortium we belong to (the one from which
> we buy Silver Platter products) brought this to their attention at my
> request.  Silver Platter's response was that it only happened in one
> particular
> version of Netscape (not true) and only when the user had multiple browser
> windows open (also not true).  It makes me wonder what kind of testing they
> are doing there - is it an IE-only shop?

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