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Dan Lester dan at riverofdata.com
Mon Jun 3 18:38:06 EDT 2002

Monday, June 3, 2002, 3:46:26 PM, you wrote:
NLS> Those of us who are still-and-forever hippies have a different perspective:
NLS> federal authorities *had* at least some of the information necessary to
NLS> predict the 9/11 attacks, and tragically misused it.

We're starting to drift away from the library web topic, methinks,

It is WAAAYYYY too soon to judge who did or didn't know what, shoulda
and coulda done what, and all that.

I read a fair number of mysteries.  It seems that the clues are always
MUCH clearer and more "obvious" after I've finished the book.  Of
course in some of them the clues are still obscure.

NLS>  Hence, we're not
NLS> convinced that they can be trusted to not misuse other information they
NLS> obtain.  Why, they might just start rounding up people of Arab descent and
NLS> throwing them in jail.  Oh wait....

NLS> Starting to think the FBI just needs to hire some information professionals,

They have them.  That certainly doesn't mean any of the government
agencies have done as well as they might have.  Of course even if they
did that, it doesn't mean they would have found the criminals, or been
able to stop it.

NLS> But am I the only one who finds the following a bit interesting or even
NLS> dryly humorous ???

NLS> We have folks attacking the FBI, CIA and anyone else who might have known or
NLS> even suspected or daydreamed something that  - might - have prevented 9/11

NLS> Many of these same people  -- or people of essentially the same
NLS> political/philosophical bent --
NLS> Are more than willing to do whatever they can to prevent these agencies from
NLS> acquiring the very information that might have helped.

Several of us were discussing exactly this topic in the library over
coffee this morning.  You're right.


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