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Craighton Hippenhammer CHHammer at olivet.edu
Mon Jun 3 13:35:16 EDT 2002

Is this thread being archived by the list?

Oh, well, I don't suppose it matters.  I wonder if there aren't hundreds of universities permanently archiving all incoming and outgoing emails just in case the FBI comes calling.  I know ours does.

Craighton Hippenhammer
Information Technology Librarian
Olivet Nazarene University
chhammer at olivet.edu

>>> "Dobbs, Aaron" <DobbsA at apsu.edu> 05/31/02 09:49AM >>>
We all can see how a records retention policy faithfully followed, if you
believe the Executive called by the defense, by Arthur Andersen is burning
them in court.  We'll see if they survive on that argument.  
True, deleting our web logs isn't of the same scope as the Enron debacle.
However, the question isn't of magnitude but of intent; the bulk deletion of
existing logs to prevent properly executed law enforcement action is
obstruction of justice in most jurisdictions.
I suspect existing policies, regularly followed, calling for deletion of
outdated logs will find more understanding than hastily (or deliberately)
created or modified policies that seem to be expressly for deleting
potentially harmful "evidence".
ALA's Patron Bill of Rights is a professional/ethical/moral statement not a
legal one.  Sure some state laws exist for protection of that kind of data
but in this new red scare zeitgeist who do you think will get the bad press:
the FBI chasing down suspected terrorists or those nasty librarians trying
to protect the perpetrators?


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I'm wondering if this will change any library procedures about keeping
archives of their web server logs, backup tapes of their circ systems,
etc....if the archiving is limited would that discourage the FBI?

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