A-Books: Audible Books in Library Collections

Gerry Mckiernan GMCKIERN at gwgate.lib.iastate.edu
Sat Jun 16 14:55:18 EDT 2001

               _A-Books: Audible Books in Library Collections_

   I am greatly interested in learning of library efforts to acquire and catalog and/or otherwise make available Web-based Audible Books (A-Books) for their respective collections. One major vendor of Audible Books is [Audible.com]

"Audible.com makes it possible for you to listen to audiobooks, lectures, public radio programs, newspapers and more, either at your desktop computer or on-the-go with a portable device. With more than 24,000 hours of downloadable audio, you can find favorites and discover new ones."

[BTW: Audible.com has an agreement with Amazon.com to sell A-Books]

   I am also interested in other A-Books vendors as well as references to articles, studies, reports, etc and other relevant literature on the topic. As Always, Any and All contributions, suggestions, critiques, rebates, or Cosmic Insights are Most Welcome.


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