LLRX.com Update - June 15, 2001

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New on LLRX.com for June 15, 2001:

**10 Great Ways to Use a Palm (or Other Handheld/PDA)

Leave your laptop at home! June Hsiao Liebert reviews accessories and
software that can expand your PDA beyond scheduling and address book
functions. June includes an extensive list of links for software downloads
and free and fee-based electronic book downloads.

**Preventing Content from Being Napsterized: New technologies target theft
of online intellectual property

J.D. Lasica evaluates four leading digital rights management solutions:
reprints and permissions, encrypted content solutions, content distribution,
and copyright enforcement.

**Congress Addresses Distance Learning Via the Internet

Congress is on course to pass legislation amending copyright law to extend
the exemption for distance learning to cover the Internet and other digital
delivery media. David Carney compares and contrasts the House and Senate
versions of this legislation, and the implications for students, libraries
and publishers.

**Material on Russian Federation Law in English: Selection of Sources

Soviet law expert Lucy Cox's annotated guide encompasses a wide range of
resources, including research and bibliographic guides, compilations of
translated legal material, journals, constitutional law, important codes,
courts, and other practice specific materials.

**Research RoundUp: Federal, State and Commercial Bill Tracking Resources -

With government and commercial services offering features for researchers
that include streaming audio, databases of current and archival legislation,
and customized updating services, it is a challenge to decide which sites to
use.  Kathy Biehl's comprehensive guide details the features and content of
all the options available.

**Reference from Coast to Coast: Researching Unpublished Opinions - How the
Job Got Bigger

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen address the veritable avalanche of unpublished
opinions that are now available from court Web sites. Are they precedential,
persuasive or useless?

**Notes from the Technology Trenches: Efforts to Go "Ad Free" on the

Roger Skalbeck reviews three programs that can be used to filter
advertisements and other elements of web sites. This is Roger's last column,
and we want to thank him for the excellent contributions he has made to
LLRX.com since September, 1999!

**LLRX Buzz:

-Legal Dockets Online
-NCOA Launches Benefits Site
-BioNutritional Encyclopedia Sets Single-Seat Subscription Fee
-Company Sleuth Starts Fee-Based Services
-Yahoo Teams up With Consumer Reports
-washingtonpost.com Launches Personalization Service
-ebrary Announces University Presses Agreement
-U.S. Copyright Office Launches Web Tool
-FORTUNE CNET Technology Review Launched

**Editor's Featured Site

The Privacy Foundation released this software on June 7, 2001 to help users
determine when Web pages contain Web bugs. A future version of the
application will also detect Web bugs in e-mail. Web bugs are invisible
tracking devices used for marketing purposes to track your page viewing and
purchasing habits. Bugnosis is a free application, with no associated
revenue stream or tracking application of its own, but you must download it
to install. The program will alert you visually and audibly when it locates
bugs. Bugnosis only works with I.E. 5 or higher.

**Latest Links

-Infotrieve Online
-Inter-Links Perpetual Calendar
-The Worldwide Holiday and Festival Site Index
-ZDNet: Tech Life

**LLRX Newstand: Updated Daily

-Free Speech Advocates Laud Decision on Student Web Site
-FTC Settles Internet Fraud Charges Against 5 Companies
-Reporters Win Web Logs Fight
-Judge Tosses Out Lawsuit Against Bloomberg and Internet Wire
-DOD and DOT Get 11th Hour Help in Making Web Sites Accessible
-Napster Rival Audiogalaxy Finds File Trading Converts
-Billions Have No Need for the Internet, Survey Says
-Microsoft, RealNames Push New Directory Search
-Nevada Governor Signs Web Gambling Law
-U.S. House Panel Approves New Antifraud Network
-More Net Speak Enters Oxford English Dictionary
-Salon: Last One Standing
-Bolting Down the Secrets in Your Handheld
-Reporters' Confidential Requests Make their Way Onto the Web

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