[WEB4LIB] Moving Web Page

Darryl Friesen Darryl.Friesen at usask.ca
Wed Jun 13 16:43:25 EDT 2001

> When our redeisgned library web site goes up, some of our existing pages
> will be moving to new locations.  I plan on replacing these pages at the
> "old" location with a page that will redirect a visitor to the new page
> with a link and maybe a Meta Tag redirect.  However, I don't have control
> over the server so that I can set that to register a 301 error that would
> let search engines know that the page has moved permanently.  Is there a
> way to do this within the web page itself?  Or is there another way to
> handle those "moved" pages?


Are you running Apache?  If so, and if the server config file allow it, you
can put Redirect and RedirectMatch statements inside an .htaccess file
(throw it in the root directory of your webspace and list them all in
there).  The added benefit is you don't need the HTML files with the META
statements (you don't even need the old directory structure anymore).



- Darryl

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