Last Call for E-Reference Event Registration

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Mon Jun 11 18:24:25 EDT 2001

			CDRS Interactive Sessions		

Don't miss out on this opportunity to understand and become part of one of
the most compelling changes to occur in the world of libraries today.  The
Library of Congress, OCLC, LSSI, and RUSA invite you to participate in a
two hour interactive session on the future of e-reference services for
libraries.  The event "Collaborative Digital Reference Service (CDRS):
What's it Worth to You?" will be held in the Chinese Culture Center in the
renowned Chinatown district of San Francisco.  Join your colleagues at the
June ALA meeting for a fun-packed and informative day by attending a
two-hour interactive session on e-reference, visiting exhibits in the
culture center, and enjoying lunch or dinner at one of the many fine
Chinatown restaurants.

As a participant in this event, you will have the opportunity to see a
demonstration of an e-reference collaborative network, express your opinion
on the value and future of e-reference services using a wireless voting
handset, and instantly see how your opinion stacks up with other
participants at the session and on the Web.  Diane Kresh (Library of
Congress), Steve Coffman (LSSI), Anne Lipow (Library Solutions), current
CDRS member libraries, and many others will be on hand to share their
current experiences and insights on the future of e-reference.  

Two sessions will be held on Saturday, June 16 at 1:00pm and 3:30pm at the
Chinese Culture Center (3rd floor auditorium of the Holiday Inn Financial
District) at 750 Kearny St. in Chinatown.  If you have already registered,
please note the change of location.  If you have not registered, space is
limited.  Please register for one of the sessions today to guarantee a seat
(walk-ins may attend if space is available).

Register at:

We look forward to your active participation at this exciting event!

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