Online library web design courses/programs?

Allan Metz ametz at
Mon Jun 4 12:35:09 EDT 2001


I just joined web4lib and am inquiring if anyone knows of any online courses
offered on the web that deal with library web design and/or being a library
web master. Is there any online web-based certificate program or course of
study offered by any library school or other source on this topic?

If there are no online programs or courses on web design geared to libraries
(although hope there are some), are there more general courses, programs,
etc. available on this topic?

What knowledge and specific applications should I know? The campus where I
work uses Dreamweaver, of which I am only familiar with the basics, but from
which many advanced web applications can be applied.

I am new to all this in terms of determining if there's a systematic way of
learning library web design on the web. So I look forward to any and all
responses because I would really appreciate any suggestions/advice. 

Thanks in advance, 

Allan Metz 
F.W. Olin Library
Drury University


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