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Monday, June 04, 2001, 10:49:07 PM, you wrote:

>>Thomas' idea may do it, but you may simply want to create the original
>>Word document as a table.  Then when you convert it to HTML it will
>>stay the way you want.

NSB> The problem with starting with a Word Table is that the HTML code is
NSB> probably going to be significantly bloated.

True.  But, for something that is most likely going to be viewed on
campus, and for a short period of time (until the next one comes out),
it probably isn't that big a deal.  Again, the MS HTML cleanup program
does a decent job of reducing bloat, though not as clean as we'd like.

I still try to remember that the goal is to get the info to the users,
and worrying about pure code can get in the way of that.  I've been
ripped more than once by purists who gag at the thought of the 20-plus
staff members we have creating HTML in FrontPage2000 for the most
part, with a bit coming from Word2000 (unfortunately, not usually
cleaned up, either).  However, since it would be impossible for me and
one colleague to do all the HTML in "purist form", even if we had
nothing else to do, I'm just happy that we're making a pretty decent
success of "first and official publication of all documents on the
web".  It isn't "all" of them yet, but it is getting close.  Policy
manuals.  Procedures.  Meeting minutes.  Reports.  Handouts for
students.  Guides to the collection.  etc.

Yes, some folks still print out copies of those meeting minutes and
file them in the same folder as the last twenty years of them, but
that's their problem, not mine.


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