[WEB4LIB] RE: Article - "Post-Tasini: Pity the Librarians"

Nancy Sosna Bohm plum at ulink.net
Fri Jun 29 15:19:42 EDT 2001

> I disagree, to an extent, with the expression that this problem has been
> exaggerated. ...LexisNexis (sans hyphen, as of several weeks ago) has NYT
back to
> 1980, ...

I foresee it as potentially even more far-reaching--way beyond the NYT and
Lexi(sans hyphen)Nexis.
When I first read about it, my "gut" reaction was like Jenny's. Though I
will not be working in a college prep library this next year, I had
nightmares of logging in to the NYT Book Reviews to retrieve an article for
a desperate student, only to have my search end in a 404 screen.

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