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 I'm pleased to announce the formal publication of my latest e-Profile in 
_Library Hi Tech News_

McKiernan, Gerry. "eConf: The SLAC Electronic Conference Proceedings Archive,"  _Library Hi Tech News_  18(5) (June 2001): 16-23.

In an effort to expedite the publication of conference proceedings in high-energy physics, personnel affiliated with the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) have developed eConf,
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, an experimental Web-based service and archive. eConf offers an electronic environment in which conference organizers and proceedings editors can publish conference proceedings at low cost, with limited delay, thereby enhancing access to time-sensitive scholarship at no direct cost to the reader. Although originally developed for the field of high-energy physics, eConf can also serve as a model for conference publication and distribution in non-scientific and other scientific disciplines.


   My colleagues may also be interested in my first eProfile for LHTN

McKiernan, Gerry. "RePEc: An Open Library for Economics,"  _Library Hi Tech News_  18(3) (April 2001): 21-31.

The RePEc Economics library [  ] provides access to one of the largest sources of freely-downloadable scientific 'preprints' in the world. As of February 2001, RePEc provided access to more than 80,000 'working papers', 34,000 journal articles, and 650 software components. In addition, its directories provide contact information for more than 1,100 registered specialists and 5,600 Economics research organizations. In total, RePEc provides access to more than 120,000 items of potential interest to economists. Unlike the centralized model exemplified by, the Los Alamos National Laboratory e-print service, RePEc has been developed within the framework of the Open Library, a collaborative framework for the supply of metadata about documents.

[These reviews are also available electronically in the Emerald Fulltext service from MCB University Press for _Library Hi Tech News_] 
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