[WEB4LIB] Webpage and Website translation software

Andrew Cunningham andrewc at mail.vicnet.net.au
Thu Jun 7 10:25:41 EDT 2001

Hi Reed,

what languages are you looking at?

and are you looking end user tools, or server side translation?

If server side, is transparent content negotiation an issue?

and more importantly .. what type of material is to be translated .. and what 
sort of accuracy is actually required, and is liability an issue?


Quoting rstockman at afpnet.org:

> Have been researching webpage and website translation software for
> both
> individual and multiple languages. Both Freeware, Shareware and
> regular
> software.  Could use any guidance that folks would provide.
> Thanks
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Andrew Cunningham
Multilingual Technical Project Officer
Vicnet, State Library of Victoria
andrewc at vicnet.net.au

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