[WEB4LIB] OpenURL, plp and sfx

Eric Hellman eric at openly.com
Thu Jun 14 12:27:08 EDT 2001


There are built-in hooks-to-holdings features that can be used right 
now to source OpenURL's in things like EBSCO, Cambridge Scientific, 
Proquest, and others. I believe you'll see a lot more stuff at ALA.

The Cookie-pusher works at sites known to the user's library. This 
method is not widely used. Your user-invoked cookie pusher is 
interesting, but it requires users to understand what they're doing. 
Integration with a browser would make this a more popular method, but 
there are privacy issues.

The central-site redirection mechanism implemented in LinkBaton and 
in the doi.org prototype resolver is the easiest way I know to allow 
links from an obscure web-site to a user's link service. Using your 
article in your example, we have 
http://my.linkbaton.com/jvip/00068993/852/2/297/2000  This is also 
not widely used yet, although the equivalent for isbn's serves about 
10,000 users per day.

There are a number of OpenURL targets included among the article 
targets at 
http://my.linkbaton.com/get?sitePage=shortcut&genre=article Any 
library that wishes to be added to the list should contact me 
directly- we should do a better job of keeping this page up to date.

Bring your OpenURL questions to the MARS Hot Topic session at ALA. 
Saturday, June 16, 2001, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. , Moscone Convention 
Center, Room 236


>I would like to know which libraries are using OpenURL to link from 
>their OPAC to a service component like an sfx-server or a personal 
>link page. And if so, I would like to know how the user is able to 
>set the base-url for this service component.
>To be able to dynamically link (using the OpenURL-syntax) from any 
>OPAC to systems choosen by the user it is important that every OPAC 
>uses the same mechanism for setting the base-url. I have examples of 
>a simple piece of javascript to do this by means of a cookie (see 
>http://www.kb.nl/persons/theo/chess.html for a book and 
>http://www.kb.nl/persons/theo/article.html for an article). This 
>javascript reads the base-url and sets the base-url. I would like to 
>know if there are better ways to do the same. In the examples the 
>base-url is set to a demo page but it is quite easy to make one 
>yourself and put it on your own workstation (e.g. 
>file:///c:/myplp.html as plp or base-url).
>Thanks in advance for your information,
>Theo van Veen

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