netLibrary implementation

Drew, Bill drewwe at snymorva.morrisville.EDU
Tue Oct 31 21:52:44 EST 2000

Since I have been asking how others plan on implementing netLibrary, I will
tell you what we have done so far.

1. Added netLibrary to our Books page:

2. Sent an e-mail out to all of the college community via our irregular
library publication:

3. Created a PowerPoint presentation for training and for use in my library
research methods course.  Please feel free to use this for training
purposes.  I have permission from netLibrary to use text and ideas from
their materials.
It is a big file, over 5 Meg.

4. We will load catalog records cautiously with great care and forethought.

Wilfred (Bill) Drew 
Associate Librarian, Systems and Reference 
SUNY Morrisville College Library 
drewwe at 
Not Just Cows: 
Have Laptop -- Will Travel. 

Garrison Keillor: "A couple of weeks ago, a librarian wrote to complain
about her husband's loud and drunken family, and it drew a number of
librarian letters protesting that folks in the profession are not so
obsessed about order and that some of them enjoy being loud and drunk, too" 

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