Budget for Accessible Web Workstation

Robert Sullivan SCP_SULLI at sals.edu
Sat Oct 28 14:27:56 EDT 2000

>I can also personally speak well of the software package ZoomText (for
>visually impaired users who are not blind).

As I responded to Karen off-list, we just put it in here.  I only played with
it enough to make sure it would function under my security settings, and it
appeared to perform adequately on a P300 with 64MB RAM (Win NT4/SP6a).  We're
using it with a Sony Multiscan E500 21" monitor.

We got the $595 Level 2 which speaks to you; the enlarger-only Level 1 is $395.

My impression from my brief experiments (with the enlarger, not the voice) is
that it seems well-designed but it's *different*.  The nature of such a program
makes it a little weird to use - try using a screen at 16x and you get the
idea - but if you need it, it could be indispensable.

It comes with multiple magnification options which would take a while to
describe; I would just say they seem to have thought it through very carefully.

Some of my colleagues are doing the actual training, so I'm not sure if there
are any quirks in the software.

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