[WEB4LIB] Internet Explorer question

Samuel Mcdonald smcdon at rci.rutgers.edu
Wed Oct 25 17:17:38 EDT 2000

Interesting question..so I spent 5 minutes lookin' for the answer
in my Win95/System/Shdoclc.dll  I find the text for this page.  One
imagines that if edited it will work (havn't tried it..proceed at your own
risk).  I figured it out by looking at the properties of the icon on the
page and noted where it was located..the rest was elementary.


On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Andrew Mutch wrote:

> Does anyone know if you can customize the 404 error message that Internet
> Explorer 5 displays when it can not find a site?
> Andrew Mutch
> Library Systems Technician
> Waterford Township Public Library
> Waterford, MI

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