[WEB4LIB] customization is a double-edged sword

Dan Marmion dmarmion at nd.edu
Fri Oct 20 10:20:47 EDT 2000

Eric is, of course, straight on target with his final-paragraph suggestion.  If
successfull, it will serve the double purpose of not only protecting those whom
we serve (and ourselves), but it will also go far toward what should be a goal
for all of us, and that is to increase the stature of our profession as
_professional_.  Right on, Eric!

Dan Marmion

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Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> (This message is cross-posted to web4lib and pacs-l. Apologies.)

[Likewise, my apologies for a cross-posted response -- DM]

> Customization is a double-edged sword, and are ready to go into the jungle?

[Some good stuff snipped...]

> IMHO, the answer lies in advocating, demonstrating, and promoting the idea
> of a librarian/patron relationship similar to the doctor/patient
> relationship in medicine and the lawyer/client relationship in law. While
> we, as a profession, practice this sort of relationship, do our patrons know
> it? In this world where information is seen as the driving force of our
> economy, maybe such an idea is not so far fetched, and libraries can build
> on its aura of good will to promote it.
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