"Collection Development: Collecting and Selecting Internet Resources for Electronic Libraries" November 17. 2000 12-2 EDT (11-1 CST) Web-based Workshop w/ Live Online Meeting

Diane K. Kovacs diane at kovacs.com
Thu Oct 19 17:48:32 EDT 2000

Collection Development: Collecting and Selecting Internet Resources 
for Electronic Libraries
  November 17. 2000 12-2 EDT (11-1 CST) Web-based Workshop w/ Live 
Online  Meeting


Live Online Lecture:

€Collecting and Selecting Internet Resources for Electronic Libraries
€Why create e-library collections?
€Definition of Web-based e-library;
€Print and Electronic Works Cited in this Workshop:
€Preliminary planning for the Web-based e-library
€Developing a Collection Plan for the Web-based e-library
€Selection Criteria for Internet Resources for Electronic Libraries
€Checklist for  Electronic Libraries Collection Maintenance
€Identifying and Collecting Internet Resources
€Electronic Library Collection Development Tools  Webliography
€Evaluating Internet Resources for Electronic Libraries

Web-Based Learning Activities

Activity 1.  Developing a Collection Development Plan for Web-based 
Information Resources for
                      E- Library  Collections
Activity 2. How and Where to Collect Web-Based Information Resources
Activity 3. Evaluating the Quality of Web-based Information Resources
Activity 4. Selecting Resources for your Web-Based E-Library (based 
on Activities 1-3)


In this hands-on workshop participants will learn to create a 
collection development plan for Web-based information resources for 
e-library collections.

Students will be required to login and use the online conferencing 
system for ten minutes at least 1 day before connecting to the class 
sessions.  Plan on at least one to one and one half hours for each 
online activity for a total of 4-6 hrs of  hands-on work.  Scheduled 
online live lecture, discussion and overview time is 2 hrs.

Each hands-on activity will step participants through creating first 
a collection plan, a collection strategy and how to use the 
collecting tools (search engines, directories, other people's 
e-libraries), evaluating the resources located and collected and 
finally selecting which resources will be included in their e-library.

Participants may chose to work with any type of subject e-library 
that they are interested in.  Participants may choose to purchase the 
instructor's book Building Electronic Library Collections: The 
Essential Guide to Selection Criteria and Core Collections  but it is 
not required.

More information at http://www.kovacs.com/training.html


This workshop is intended for people  want to learn to more 
efficiently collect and organize information resource from the Web 
for use in e-library collections of all sizes and subject 

Participants should know how to use e-mail.  The Instructors will 
assist participants to use Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.5 or 
higher to participate in the real-time class and to interact with the 
Web-based materials.


Live online November 17. 2000 12-2 EDT (11-1 CST)

Schedule Arrangements for other small groups (minimum of 3 people) 
may be made on an individual basis
by contacting the instructor.  You may also take this workshop with 
e-mail only discussion with the instructor.

Registration and Tuition


Class size is limited to 15 people in each scheduled date. 
Arrangements for additional online live sessions will be made if 
there are additional registrations.


Includes free access to "Advanced Web Searching Tips and Techniques" 
and "Evaluating Internet Information"

All materials will be online on interactive Web pages.  Color printed 
packets will be priority mailed to each registered participant.

Mechanisms for Instruction

Participants will interact through e-mail with the instructors before 
and after the workshops.

Participants will meet live online for overview and discussion.

Participants will complete hands-on Web-based activities at
their own pace after  scheduled online live meeting with the guidance
and in consultation with the instructor.

Instructors will provide free training on using the Diversity 
University MOO facility for real-time
communication.   Participants will connect to http://www.du.org:8888 for
real-time instruction.   Logins and passwords will be provided on
request after registration.  Java enabled Netscape or Internet 
Explorer 4.0 or higher are required.

Instructor Diane K. Kovacs, Kovacs Consulting diane at kovacs.com

Diane K. Kovacs - Kovacs Consulting Internet & World Wide Web Training
_How to Find Medical Information on the Internet:  A Print and Online 
Tutorial for the Health Care Professional and Consumer_ (2000) by 
Diane K. Kovacs and Ann Carlson.Published by Library Solutions Press. 
February 2000 http://www.library-solutions.com/medinfo.html

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