[WEB4LIB] mice freezeups in Netscape?

Julia Schult jschult at elmira.edu
Thu Oct 12 13:04:52 EDT 2000

Dan Kissane wrote:

> I am running NT workstation 4.0 with NEtscape 4.7 for public access
> computers. Recently, these machine have begun to experience mice freezups
> when in Netscape, that is, all of a sudden they are unable to click on
> links. Has anyone experienced this that may be able to help me fix it?
> thanks. I did install the latest mouse drivers (MS Wheel Mouse). Thanks
> again.

This is the same problem I have queried the list about before, and no, no one
seems to have the definitive answer yet.  However I have learned some more
about what I call the "Netscape link-click problem."

I have not been able to determine what causes the problem; it seems to occur
just about anytime when running Netscape Navigator 4.08 and occasionally even
in Netscape Communicator 4.75.  It tends to occur in clusters on our public
machines, which for a while made me wonder if it was related to static, but I
tried anti-static sprays to no avail.  Thank you for confirming that it
occurs on NT machines; we are running Win 95.  I wondered whether it has
anything to do with the wheeled mice (mouses?) but I believe it has happened
on some of our office computers that do not have the wheeled Intellimouses
which our public machines use.

I have found out two ways to fix the problem when it does occur.  The first
is to reboot the computer.  (You probably already found that method.)  The
second is to exit Netscape, and when completely exited, press Ctrl-Alt-Del to
pull up a list of current tasks.  A Netscape job will still be running, even
though there is no other evidence of this anywhere except in the Ctrl-Alt-Del
window. (The person who told me about this called this the "phantom Netscape
job" or "ghost Netscape".)  Click on it, then click End Task.  Wait around 5
seconds until the computer says "Program not responding" and tell it to End
Task again.  Wait another few seconds, and then you can restart Netscape and
all will be well ... until the next time it happens.

Have you considered moving to IE?  We currently offer both browsers, but
Netscape is the default.  This particular problem is tempting me to make IE
the default, but we don't like how IE looks like it isn't doing anything for
the first few seconds when you click on a link.

---Julia E. Schult
Access/Electronic Services Librarian
Elmira College
Jschult at elmira.edu

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