do public PCs with Deep Freeze still need virus protection?

Donna Stewart d.stewart at
Thu Oct 12 10:39:39 EDT 2000

We're in the process of configuring PCs for a new public lab, and we're
having the usual problems getting McAfee (for which the university has a
site license) to behave with MSOffice products.  I just ran across this
message from a few weeks ago:

>>> from Jeanne Heicher 09/13/00 06:13AM >>>
"We use Deep Freeze... It doesn't matter what patrons do at the
station anymore, and this includes putting a virus on the machine-
just reboot, and it's gone again."

Is this the general consensus?  We're going to be using Deep Freeze for the
first time on these machines.  Do we need to use a virus scanner too, or
will Deep Freeze really take care of any damage that could be done?  Seems
too good to be true.

thanks in advance
Donna Stewart
Cleveland State University Library
d.stewart at

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