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Thanks to those of you who responded to this.  I wanted to make it clear, the reason why I asked this.  Our new college home page has this obnoxious feature and I mentioned it to the person from development in charge.  The college hired a design firm for our new college web site and I wanted to double check that it was indeed something in the code or creation of the page.  Incidentally, I am also the person who brought up the "splash" page concept a few weeks back and our development staff was not willing to create a custom template for the library to use on all of our pages so, we will have to use this "splash page" concept.  I find it very sad but will try to make the best of it to advertise our news and events and a big link to enter the library website.  I can only ponder what other major changes in the near future will be forced upon us!

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> 1. I go to a.html
> 2. My browser sees that a.html includes
>     '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;b.html">' and
>     immediately goes to b.html
> 3. I hit my back button.  My browser goes back to a.html
>     and immediately goes to b.html.

For those scoring along at home, that tag should be:

  <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=b.html">

Opera avoids this trap.  Some other browsers avoid it if you double-click
the back button (which simply takes back past a.html before the browser
parses the META tag again.).

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