Off topic - MS Outlook 97 AND Windows ME explorer sick

Masters, Gary E GEM at CDRH.FDA.GOV
Tue Oct 10 07:26:26 EDT 2000

Since Thursday, my MS Outlook 97 keeps starting then getting "stack
overload."  I think I need to reinstall it, but the way it works, I will
probably have to reinstall Windows NT 4.0 at the same time.  Is this a
recognized problem and is there an easier way to fix it?

Also, on my home machine (Dell Dimension 400 Pentium with 64 MEG of ram and
lots of hard disk space) I just moved from 98 SE to ME.  (For reasons that
make sense to me.)  Explorer does not work when it starts.  But if I end
task (ctrl alt delete) for Explorer, it ask me if I want to shut down.  I
say no, then after a while it tells me that Explorer is not working and I
end task again.  Then it starts and works ok.  Is there a quicker way to fix
it and one that last?  I have two "free" incidents with Microsoft and this
is one of them, but they are in no hurry to get back to me.  Any thoughts on
this one?


Gary Masters

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