LLRX Update - October 2, 2000

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Mon Oct 2 21:10:00 EDT 2000

New on LLRX.com (http://www.llrx.com) for October 2, 2000

**E-Filing Appeals with Adobe® Acrobat®

PDF has recently emerged as the standard for the electronic filing
of court  documents. Attorney Joel Rothman describes how to create
and publish PDF files, shares his experiences with e-filing, and
provides information and links to federal and state appellate court
rules on e-filing.

**Quicklaw America: A View Through the Southern California Online
Users Group Rating Scale Lenses

T.R. Halvorson conducted a thorough review of this fee-based online
legal information company that debuted in January. He details the
system's coverage and scope, customer support, system functionality,
search engine, pricing and more.

**A Guide to the U.S. Federal Legal System: Web-Based Publicly
Accessible Sources

Gretchen Fletes' guide is a valuable teaching tool, and an excellent
resource for legal professionals who want a concise overview of major
topical resources available free through government, academic and
corporate sponsored Web sites.

**Update to Evaluating Foreign and International Legal Databases
on the Internet

Governments, institutions and publishers are now disseminating a
significant volume of new materials on foreign and international
law via the Web, in both free and fee-based formats. Mirela
Roznovschi evaluates the numerous criteria needed to establish the
value, reliability, depth and sources of this data.

**CongressLine: Cybersquatting - The Ins and Outs of Domain Dispute

Issues concerning cybersquatting, a violation of trademark rights
which occurs when a domain name is registered in bad faith, have
been widely documented in the news lately. Carol Morrissey reports
on the mandatory alternative dispute resolution process that is a
cooperative effort of WIPO, ICANN and the U.S. Department of

**Web Critic: The Effective Use of Pull-Down Menus as Navigational
Tools on a State Government Web Site

Kathy Biehl reviews how Maine's state government Web site has
implemented a novel and successful approach to directing users
to its content and resources.

**Guide on the Side: Parliamentary Procedure (Part II) - The
Organizational Infrastructure

According to Marie Wallace, few associations have built a
digital infrastructure to help "grow" the organization. Marie
gives concrete examples of why this goal is worth attaining.

**The Internet Roundtable #13: A Continuing Discussion of Law
Firm Marketing on the Internet

Jerry Lawson, Brenda Howard, Dennis Kennedy and Kevin O'Keefe
discuss: What are virtual communities and how can lawyers use
them for marketing?

**LLRX Buzz

Tara Calishain reviews new resources: Employment Law Made
Easier; CNN Goes European Elsevier Science Expands; Pursuing
the Perfect Printer; Dow Jones Learns Spanish; Moreover Offers
News Search Engine

**Margaret Berkland's Latest Links

FirstGov; American Legal Ethics Library; MapStats; TechTutorials;

**LLRX Site of the Week: www.cybercrime.gov

Sponsored by the Computer  Crime and Intellectual Property Section
(CCIPS) of the Criminal  Division of the U.S. Department of Justice,
this frequently updated  site is a recommended resource. Pertinent
documents on computer crime, intellectual property crime, and
cybercrime are organized by: policy & programs, cases, laws &
statutes, manuals, press releases, and Congressional testimony,
letters and reports.


Digital signature bill now in effect; Napster battles to remain in
business; International domain name dispute resolution; Indictment
in Emulex hoax case; Web firms burning through VC cash; MP3.com
supporting new copyright bill; Bankruptcy filings may be a privacy
threat; Student Web site usage focus of litigation; E-mags that
chronicle the Web industry are flourishing; Andersen legal steps
up the competition with law firms using technology; European
countries pushing for Web taxes; Conflicts already apparent between
SEC guidelines and new federal e-signature law.

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